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Where we teach children about God's love through nature.  We link amazing animal facts with lessons about God’s love in a fun, interesting and musical way.

We Connect Kids with their Creator!
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Kid's Christian music at its best!!  These adventure albums not only have original sing-a-long songs, they are educational.  Packed with adventure, fun, amazing animal facts and lessons about God's love, they are a must for every home with little kids!!
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These are kid's songs with a purpose.  Each song is not only filled with amazing animal facts, but draws out object lessons of God's love. 

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Our prayer is that each person enjoying our music will not only come to see God's love in the world around them, but ultimately learn that God loves them very much and has a unique, special and exciting plan for their lives.
"I highly recommend the two albums, ‘God’s Treasures - Under the Sea, and ‘Frozen Chosen.’ I have seen them developed as Kindergarten programs at a Camp meeting and the children really enjoyed the songs and presentations. The songs taught the children about the love of God and His ever presence, using infectious melodies. They are a wonderful resource for connecting children to God."

Julie Weslake
Director Children's Ministries

South Pacific Division Seventh-day Adventist Church
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Frozen Chosen - an arctic adventure filled with original christian songs for kids
God's Treasures Under the Sea - an adventure under the sea with original  christian songs for kids
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